Ethical Considerations and Legal Issue.

The United States Department of Justice includes an Educational Opportunities Section for fighting bullying. ‘The Educational Opportunities Section enforces federal laws that protect students from harassment or discrimination.’ (, 2013) The Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in public schools. The victims of bullying can revert to 911, or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or the Civil Rights Division for help.

On the ethical front the case of bullying is a very sensitive and deep-rooted issue. Bullying is one of the most unethical gestures displayed by humans of all ages. The bullying starting at the prime age of school may continue in the work environment if not tackled properly. Ethically ridiculing others and showing aggression shows a power imbalance in the bully. The children in school should understand the right and the wrong when enforcing power on others. Violence and aggression are unethical human behaviours and must be addressed right from the time the child starts his social interactions in the society and the environment around him. In Julie’s case she needs focused counselling in order to feel good about herself and pride her existence, she needs to understand the value of life be it hers or others. The school along with the counscellors should confront the bullies that are permanent on the scene and help Julie in overcoming her fear and anger. Understanding and being sensitive to the feelings is what Julie requires and expect from the schools as well as the family.

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Ethical Considerations and Legal Issue.
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