Ethical and Unethical Behavior.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Ethical and Unethical Behavior. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Moral philosophers try to find eternal truths about right action and argue for their objectivity and applicability to all human beings. Of course, it seems exceedingly rare to find case examples in modern society (especially by news outlets which focus almost exclusively on unethical behavior) of ethical behavior. Nevertheless, this is because, I believe, our notion of what is moral and what is ethical is a bit ill-defined. After defining a working notion of a teleological utilitarian ethic, I shall illuminate this concept with two case studies which are to be designated as “ethical” and “unethical” respectively.

Ethical theories are often divided according to their fundamental natures. deontological ethics are primarily typified by a commitment to established rules of morality – duties. It is the responsibility, then, of the moral agent to recognize his or her duties in a moral context and make the correct choices in regards to these commitments. Acting in accordance with these duties forms the moral action, and consequently, failing to do so constitutes immoral action. In contrast, teleological ethics are characterized by a pervading focus upon consequences of actions. Hence, if the consequences are the overriding standard for moral action, it is the responsibility of the agent to evaluate the consequences of the action before acting. Acting in accordance with correct consequences is thus moral action and acting voluntarily in such a way which results in incorrect consequences is immoral action (Vallentyne).

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Our standard of moral evaluation here will be centered in a teleological framework, or, more specifically, a utilitarian system of ethics. In such a framework, we evaluate actions based on the agent’s responsibility to act in accordance with correct consequences, and the agent’s responsibility to determine the correct consequences before acting.&nbsp.

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