Ethic application &research

ACT, AUSTRALIA. These problems are not clearly defined and expressed by pharmacists, but they are slowly gaining the attention of the health care professionals. This proposal seeks to establish whether or not pharmacists are being held back from their ability to fully utilize their competencies. It also seeks to establish the barriers they encounter in the workplace.

Initial information gathered for the literature review revealed several problems and barriers being encountered by pharmacists in the workplace. These problems are: communication barriers, inadequate literacy, unreasonable customer expectations, demanding employees, lack of support, and lack of time and heavy workload.

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Ethic application &research
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Lack of time and workload is one of the primary problems of the pharmacist. Patients have different demands and needs. The require guidance and counseling while they are taking their medications in order to ensure adequate patient education and high medication compliance. And with these different demands, the pharmacist is often flooded by simultaneous demands on his time and workload. Personal (like family) and professional concerns make for a very stressful life for the pharmacist.

Lack of support is also a barrier for the pharmacist in the workplace. Lack of support is mostly seen in the lack of collaboration between the pharmacist and the medical practitioners. This lack of coordination often arises from the refusal of the general practitioners to issue scripts for their patients’ ongoing medication. This lack of collaboration and coordination interferes with the dispensation of medications and endangers unsuspecting patients.

Inadequate literacy is usually seen in older pharmacists. With much advancement in technology and in the health care practice, the older pharmacists are falling very much behind in new applications. Many transactions and health services are conveniently carried out electronically.

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