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Using the readings from Thomas Freidman and Laurence Rothenberg write a short expository essay in which you explain what globalization is to an ignorant reader. Your 5-paragraph essay will be written using formal language, be mostly in the 3rd person (with appropriate shifts to 1st person if you have to), and your three body paragraphs must be deductively supported (that means each topic sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph). You will also adhere to all Common Error Log rules, all Quotes rules, and all MLA guidelines for format and in-text referencing (no Works Cited page is necessary). Finally, your essay must include at least two different types of quotes (including one block/long quote), and must also include an example from the “real world” not used by either Friedman or Rothenberg. Please follow the guidelines below when organizing information in your essay.


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  • Open with a statement about the importance of globalization and/or the confusion surrounding what it means. E.g. “Globalization involves a series of phenomena that impacts on every aspect of life but the meaning of the term itself is confusing for many.”
  • Introduce the author names in full and the titles of their respective texts and provide a brief description of each text. E.g. Laurence Rothenberg, in his article “Globalization 101: The Three Tensions of Globalization,” explores the conflicting values surrounding globalization by looking at how globalization is characterized by tensions between individual choice and societal choice, the free market and governmental intervention, and local authority and extra-local authority.
  • Sample thesis: Both Friedman and Rothenberg accurately define “globalization” using different approaches. Through an examination of Friedman’s and Rothenberg’s respective texts, as well as how online dating apps have changed the world of dating, a clearer understanding of globalization will be obtained.


  • Paragraph 1. Summarize key points and arguments of Rothenberg’s notion of globalization and include at least 1 quote.
    • Sample topic sentence: In his article for the American Forum for Global Education, Rothenberg clearly identifies three key conflicts as the foundation for globalization.
  • Paragraph 2. Summarize key points and arguments of Friedman’s notion of globalization and include at least 1 quote.
    • Sample topic sentence: For Friedman, globalization can be understood through the metaphor of a system that relies on three different balances.
  • Paragraph 3. Include your own voice here – using objective formal language – and identify and expand on one example of globalization using an online news story or a YouTube video to talk about one aspect of globalization that is positive, negative, or both.
    • Sample topic sentence: One prominent benefit of globalization is the way online dating apps have changed the world of dating.
    • Support this with “real life” examples from the media and/or YouTube of the rise of online dating apps; then, apply something Friedman says and something Rothenberg says to this example.
    • Another sample topic sentence: Rothenberg’s and Friedman’s ideas of globalization can be seen in the way the independent musicians are increasingly able to produce and market their product without big record companies.
    • Support this with “real life” examples from the media and/or YouTube of the way the a particular band or individual (such as Justin Bieber) has become hugely popular through social media without the help of record companies.

Conclusion: Re-state thesis and summarize key points for each paragraph.

Assessment Rubric (5 points per category):

  • Critical Response to the writing task: Basically how well you follow EVERY instruction, your adherence to MLA paper format, MLA in-text referencing, and Common Error Log I rules.
  • Exposition, quotations, and paraphrasing for an ignorant reader: You will be assessed on how effectively you define and describe “globalization” for an ignorant reader. You will also be assessed on how well you are able to incorporate data following class lectures/handouts on MLA guidelines for quotations and paraphrasing. Your ability to contextualize incorporated data for an ignorant reader is of greatest importance here.
  • Language use: In this regard, you will be assessed upon the quality of your sentences, your ability to employ appropriate vocabulary, and your ability to adhere to standard U.S. conventions of grammar and punctuation.
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