Essay: Google Audit

Essay must include

A abstract 

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Essay: Google Audit
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6 pages of full content 

APA Format 

12 Point Times New Roman 

Please cite the sources within the essay 

Minimum of 8  sources (most need to be from journal articles) 

The paper must synthesizes the research that you have found and present the position on the subject below. 

  1. The Strategic Audit of a Corporation framework by Wheelen, Hunger, &  Hoffman (2018) is a suitable framework to conduct a strategic audit for any type of business.

-Discuss what the Strategic Audit of a corporation framework is. 

-Conduct a mini audit on Google. 

     *brief history of company and their strategic posture. 

     *Talk about their current performance. How did they perform the past year? 

     *whats their current mission statement, objective, strategies, and polices? 

     *who is on the board of directors? Do they own shares of stock? Is it a private or publicly traded company

      *summary of internal factors. And summary of external factors. 

-Advantages of conducting a strategic audit

-Disadvantages of a strategic audit

-Highlight why it’s suitable for businesses to conduit this type of audit. 


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