Essay APA Format

The Task

 Your assignment is to create an argumentative/persuasive research paper arguing for the following quote…. “The goal of effective working capital management is to ensure that a company has adequate ready access to the funds necessary for day-to-day operating expenses, while at the same time making sure that the company’s assets are invested in the most productive way.”

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Essay APA Format
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Although the quote may offer sage advice, is it always the case? The essay must answer this question, express support for the quote above, and elaborate on the benefits regarding working capital management.

Need a separate abstract and conclusion 

2 pages of full content (not including abstract and conclusion) 

APA Format 

12 Point Times New Roman 

Please use at least 8 sources and cite the sources within the article.

The paper should integrate at least the following elements:

1.       The presentation of a firm position regarding your stance or theory.

2.       An offering of a strong position using evidence-based argumentation.

3.       An address of opposing points as to present a well-rounded argument controlling personal biases and strengthening your argument while diminishing the opposition’s points.

4.       An effort to use evidence and argument flow as to instill a sense of trust into your reader.

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