Errol john and his work of “moon on a rainbow”. 

Kenneth Tyran was aware about what happens in in theatre, in the year 1957, frustrations due to lack for sharp new writing, he went on to convince the observer that a play completion be launched. Moon on a Rainbow Shawl, by Errol John got the first prize, however, in spite of Joh’s play’s fresh force, John had struggle to get the play staged. It happens to be a shame that such talent could be overlooked as well as statement to the Nation that fifty years on, a stage for suitable stature for such a vibrant as well as subtle play has been found (Billington).

Errol John, born in the year 1921 in Trinidad was a journalist before he moved to England in the year 1951 to look for a job in the theatre. Errol appeared in several productions in London stage. One of the well-known ones is in the Old Vic Theatre by the ear 1962, in the part of Othello. John made a number of appearances in film and television productions as well, although he played comparatively minor black characters that included the 1953 Heart of the Metter, the 1952 African Queen and the 1955 Simba, while head key starring roles within the BBC series such as the 1956 A man from the Sun as well as the 1967 Rainbow city. The themes of Moon in a Rainbow Shawl, which are now regarded as canonical work for black theatre, happen to be currently relevant with the play’s depiction for immigration, aspirations of the post war community that lives in poverty as well as the struggles that the African diaspora faces (Erdinch).

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Errol john and his work of “moon on a rainbow”. 
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Set in a Spanish Port, Trinidad, the play opens up on some hot, late evening within a yard of two decrepit buildings. Ephraim happens to be returning from job where he works as a bus driver, as he and Esther Adams are having a conversation. Esther, who is a quite intelligent as well as studious girl is discussing the manner in which it is not possible for her family afford school fees for her education.

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