Epidemiologic Analysis and Preventable Disease.

One of such disease is heart disease. Heart disease is already an epidemic and threatens to become pandemic if not proactively prevented. It is not a communicable disease, but yet it is one which threatens a huge portion of the population. The purpose of this discussion is to approach the issue of heart disease from an epidemiological standpoint in order to analyze how data relating to the topic may be used in a healthcare setting with regards to decision making concerning limited healthcare resources.

When saying that heart diseases is not communicable, it is meant that it is not like a bacterial or viral infection which is transferred from host to host or in an airborne manner. It is however, a disease which is more likely to occur in those who have a genetic predisposition for it. This does not necessarily mean that an individual with a family history of heart disease which actually get it. In fact, preventing heart disease is most important among those who have a family history of it. Some individuals may have more than one family member who has suffered form CHD, which elevates that individual’s CDH risk factor along with the ages of onset within the person’s family. By looking at a few different factors regarding patient history and lifestyle, physicians may establish a personal score for that individual which represents their likelihood of contracting CHD. The benefit that we have over CHD is that it is manageable and predictable (Supino et al, 2002, p.130).

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Epidemiologic Analysis and Preventable Disease.
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Heart disease can be prevented by following the guidelines of a healthy lifestyle which are balanced between diet and exercise as well as avoiding alcohol and tobacco. The chances of acquiring heart disease, are associated with overeating or high fat, high cholesterol diets. Those who live a sedentary lifestyle are also at a higher risk for heart disease. Stress or the improper handling of stress is also linked to heart disease.

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