Environmental Ethics and Policy in America.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Environmental Ethics and Policy in America. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Consumerism is said to have a moral influence on how to do things. Victor Lebow wrote about consumerism’s moral influence. According to Lebow, turning the buying and use of goods into a ritual would lead to a higher productivity of the American economy (2006). Lebow believes that consumerism began to influence the American sense of how things are, and how they ought to be. He also recognizes that this influence triggers an “ever-increasing pace” of consumption. However, Americans are becoming dissatisfied with consumerism. An increasing number of Americans have different opinions regarding consumerism. They are torn between materialism and other ethics that uphold the importance of family life, commitment to the society, communal service, and equity. It is significant for individuals to envision and express other ways of defining the quality of life, other than that which thrives on material things (Schor, 2000).

Galbraith finds enlightening matches concerning religion and economics. He compares large corporations to primitive royals who reject their true power by appealing to be meager forecasts of divine willpower (Galbraith, 2009). He criticizes the neo-classical model in which a large corporation responds to the theistic instruction of the market. He adds that socially objectionable exercise of power by corporations in their own interest is thus exorcized or largely exorcized from formal economic thought. Lebow, Schor, and Galbraith helped to outline how an economic system can shape our values and worldview. When the free market operated as a deity, shopping became a primary form of devout behavior.

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Environmental Ethics and Policy in America.
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The bureau responsible for industries and security is housed in the Commerce Department. It seeks to protect the United States by preventing the export of dangerous products. Thus they regulate dual-use exports –items that have both civilian and military uses

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