Entertainment Education Transmedia Project proposal

The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained through your readings, along with your personal experience, to designing a real-life entertainment-education intervention. Choose a social need that you want to address and write a proposal to use EE to address the need.:

1. Identify a social need that others have sought to address through

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Entertainment Education Transmedia Project proposal
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some kind of intervention. The need can be anywhere in the world.

Examples: a feeding program in a needy area; a literacy program in inner cities,

an HIV prevention health intervention or educational program, a low- cost housing plan, an educational talk-radio program to increase health

awareness, promoting Bible sales in Iran, etc.

2. Develop a complete EE proposal that shows how you plan to address the

need through an entertainment-education intervention.

Examples: You might design a play to promote better treatment of handicapped

people in Nepal. Perhaps you could design an EE web site that helps

young people to get off of drugs.

Write a proposal (10-12 pages which includes references (12-15 references and any figures or tables, that describes the social need, the process by which the need will be addressed, a review of relevant literature related to the EE intervention you are proposing, the EE intervention and message appeal, the goals of the EE program, the transmedia strategy that you employ, a research plan to support your intervention, an overview of the financial support you will need to implement your intervention, and a plan to study the effectiveness of your intervention. MUST USE GOOGLE SCHOLAR FOR SOURCES

Your paper should include all of the following elements listed below:

 Introduction, description of social need or issue

 Program goals and process by which the social need or issue is addressed

 Literature review related to your means of intervention

 Discussion of EE intervention and message appeal to reach people

 Discussion of transmedia strategy

 Research plan, including method, sample, data collection, and type of analysis

 Description of funding needed to support the intervention (project budget)

 References using the APA style manual, 6th edition

Conform your paper to APA 6th edition. The style manual will show you how to set titles, sections, page numbers, citations, illustrations, and references.

Your grade for this assignment will be based on including in your paper all the elements addressed in this outline on the previous page, the quality of your written work, and the degree to which you effectively articulate your intervention.

Remember that I do not expect you to actually produce an EE production, since I realize you will not have enough time to do that in one semester. However, feel free to provide pre-production materials like mock-ups, story boards, illustrations, etc. What I want you to do is set everything up so you can go to a funding agency or non-profit organization (NGO, church, missions, etc.) and submit your proposal for funding. Don’t forget to include a PROPOSED BUDGET of the funding you will need to complete your project.

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