Entering a Conversation about Globalization.

Appiah even admits that races can be good for a nation because it creates a diverse society, and hence a diverse culture. This can be supported by the need for people to differentiate themselves from others: only race and culture make this possible. In my opinion, race and culture bring a contrast in the world and brings out the difference and uniqueness in people. If a person&nbsp.considers&nbsp.himself or herself as belonging to one culture or race, that person gains confidence for being associated with a unique part of the world. This can increase the love and care towards other members of that group, but has a downfall of overlooking other groups that may seem superior. In a society, this often leads to competition and slow development because these groups do not offer support to another as they feel they should be rivals.

Appiah admits that as long as someone belongs to a certain race, such a person shares similar inherited characteristics in psychological, moral, and physical aspects with other members of that race. This serves as a major contributing factor as to the reason a group views itself against others. Despite admitting that an individual belongs to a certain race or culture, Appiah goes further to claim that the differences in American groups could also be a result of environment and society. When looking at race, one may believe that the estimated average IQ differs, but one cannot restrict the cause to race. For example, the main reason the world has few black scientists may be because of the unequal opportunities in education compared to white people. This could only mean that the human capability does not restrict itself to race, as most humans believe. Humans result from genes that have interacted with one another for several years, leading to the rebirth of a more revolutionized person (Schapiro 147).

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Entering a Conversation about Globalization.
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