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1. Prepare a Routine Miscellaneous Memo. The memo should follow the proper format as outlined in Chapter 15, page 343. Be mindful of the memo’s tone, audience, purpose, and professionalism.

Social Work: You are the Social Services Director at McKendree Village. On November 30, 2016, your companywill host mandatory professional development training for all Social Workers. Maria Denton, from the Board of Education, will hold a seminar on Autism. Encourage your employees to attend. The meeting will be at theMcKendree Conference Room at 2pm.

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Aviation: You are the Avionics Manager at Steven’s Aviation. On November 30, 2016, your company will host mandatory professional development training for all Domestic Pilots. Jacob Harper, from the International Relations Board, will hold a seminar on international travel. Encourage your employees to attend. The meeting will be at Steven’s Aviation Conference Room at 2pm.

Criminal Justice: You are the Emergency Response Coordinator for Vanderbilt Hospital. On November 30, 2016, you will host mandatory professional development training for all dispatchers. Melvin Hale, from the Department of Drug Abuse and Overdose Control, will hold a seminar on the growing nature of Meth usemaking its way into Tennessee en-route from Kentucky. Encourage your employees to attend. The meeting will be at the Vanderbilt Conference Room at 2pm.

Other/Undeclared: You are a student at Tennessee State University and the present of the SGA. You need to inform your organization presidents of the mandatory General Assembly meeting on November 30, 2016. President Glover will briefly speak about the changes to the hazing policy. The meeting will be held in the Student Forum at 2pm.

2. Compose a Workplace Email. The email should follow the proper format of an email as outlined in Chapter 15, page 335. Be mindful of tone, audience, purpose, and professionalism.

Social Work: You are a District Supervisor and need to send an email instructing your employees in your districtto complete the annual online Ethics Training that is required for social work licenses to remain current. The Ethics Training must be completed by November 30, 2016. The link for the training is HYPERLINK “http://www.tn.gov/sos/tec/training/index.html” http://www.tn.gov/sos/tec/training/index.html. Request confirmation of the email’s receipt.

Aviation: You are an Aviation Personnel Manager who is responsible for scheduling pilots and crew members. Due to hurricane Matthew, flights for November 10-12 have been delayed and canceled, disrupting the scheduling of crew members. Send a mass email to the flight attendants and pilots based out of your terminal requesting volunteers to fill vacancies due to reroutes, delays, and cancelations. Suggest that there are options for overtime for qualified personnel.

Criminal Justice: You are the Assistant Police Chief for the Metro Police Department at the Hermitage Precinct. A local group, Green Hill Church, plans to hold a special event entitled, “Honoring the Blue”, in which they will present the department with tourniquets donated by the church. You are asking your officers to be in attendance at the November 27, 2016 service that begins at 10:30am. Request your officers to RSVP by responding to the email.

Other/Undeclared: You are the secretary of the Honor’s Program at Tennessee State University and you need to send out an email to organization members reminding them that Mid-Term week is approaching and the library will be open extended hours. Furthermore, you would like to remind members that, in order to stay in compliance with their Honor’s Program contract, they must make at least a 3.0 on their Mid-Term exams.

3. Project: Create a Complaint Letter or a Letter to Congress* of your choice. Your letter should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion that establishes the issue/states the problem and action desired, explains basis for the claim and provides details, and requests a specific adjustment or reasonable stimulants. The letter should follow the proper format of a workplace latter as outlined in Chapter 16, page 369. *If you are writing to a specific person, that individual should be the first line of command, who is able to make decisions and take action. For example, writing a letter to the cashier at Walmart does not suffice, but rather, writing a letter to the store manager of a particular Walmart is better suited for the purpose of your letter.

Submission Guidelines

1. All items should be in Times New Roman, 12pt. font, 1” margins

2. All items should be clean and absent of grammatical and mechanical error.

3. Submit your rough drafts and comments from peer review on the due date.

4. Submit your final drafts on eLearn in the Dropbox entitled “Working Folder Three”, located under “Assessment” and “Dropbox”. Label your items with your name and the title of the document.

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