English Technical Writing. Developing a Procedures Manual BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE HERE

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: English Technical Writing. Developing a Procedures Manual BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE HERE Developing a Procedures Manual In each industry or organization type, procedures manual differ based on the regulations that are attached to certain compliance measures. Audit appears to be the most important function for the development of the manual over technical specifications, collations, mapping, or the production of workflow charts. Depending on the type of environment and the specific step-by-step activities or function that an organization is attempting to document, the labor investment or job activities should be audited by individuals familiar with the function or environment. Auditing refers to gaining final approvals from officials within the business that work within the area where procedures apply. For example, in the customer service division, a secondary expert in divisional support for this area should grant recognition and approval that the activities associated with a job function are accurate and up-to-date on current role. If the organization is attempt to map out a step-by-step procedure manual for a technology support function, expertise in systems training and development should be consulted as a primary resource to support the job role claims. Procedure manuals can be developed for virtually any industry and be built to describe the functions of a variety of job functions. In an academic environment, these manuals can identify meeting protocol for executives associated with corporate policy or those outlined by senior decision-makers that govern knowledge and education. Either internally or externally, some form of consulting expert should give final approvals for the step-by-step guide or improve on what has been inferred from existing data. Mapping is part of the planning process and the actual gathering of support materials to assist in drawing a job or functional map of a system. Expert support as another form of consultation should be considered especially if the environment is one that is highly regulated by different laws or ethical demands. Accuracy of content, far beyond the basic ability to leave flexibility for updating, is necessary and can only be secured with back-checking by individuals that can verify details in exacting language or opinion. Because this will be part of the training or reference library of the organization, employees or others using this manual must be able to rely on its integrity if they are to perform their tasks efficiently when there is a problem about a task. The only consistent guideline for a manual of this type is to have a source of reference review what has been listed so as to ensure accuracy. This can be built effectively into a procedural manual by assigning certain tasks to the creator with a detailed list of support expertise available internally or externally. Many organizations already have these auditing teams at the senior governance level. The strengths of these guidelines have been mentioned since accuracy is key to ensuring that the manual has relevance and will support a specific task or objective step-by-step. Procedures for such an effort include preliminary consultations with experts, discussing with others in the organization what areas require correction or improvement, and then achieving a final approval once the finished copy has been mapped and brainstormed.

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English Technical Writing. Developing a Procedures Manual BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE HERE
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