English…… please read first….. please read first…… due today

this is due in 9 hours…… must have done in 9 hours….. no late work….. YOU MUST MEET DEADLINE….. 
This assignment is based on Online Gambling…… 
You do not need to write a paper….. You only need to find 3 sources that can assist with writing a paper on Online Gambling…… Find 3 sources that are current and talk about online gambling such as who, what, when , why and where. 
Who: who are the gamblers, what websites, advertisers etc
what : legalization, underage gambling, illegal online gambling, cost 
when: current days, online gambling created when
Where: US, International, worldwide 
Why: causes, effects, impact on families, addiction, costs 
Must find 3 sources that will support the above. When you find the 3 sources you must write a paragraph on each. 
Below is an example of how each source should be written about. There will be 3 paragraphs in total for each source. 
  Three Sources cited as per 8th edition MLA style
Three paragraphs, each including all three of the following elements:
Evaluation of credibility of source (Results of the CRAAP test)
Summary of source in your own words
Usefulness in regards to your thesis
Example (use correct MLA formatting in yours–this text box does not allow for it here):
Specific Student
Professor Anna C. Morrison
English 100
29 April 2016
Annotated Bibliography
Alderton, S. “Chocolate – the heart-healthy treat. Is this too good to be true?” Nutrition Bulletin vol. 39, no. 1, 2014, pp. 89-94, EBSCOhost. http://web.b.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.cyclib.nocccd.edu/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=6&sid=961d58d2-fd9e-4d86-8407-7e4277811ac2%40sessionmgr1. Accessed 28 April 2016.
This article is about the findings of several scholarly studies conducted by experts in the field of nutrition to examine the beneficial effects of chocolate consumption in the human body. Topics discussed include decreased risk of cardiovascular disease in people who add cocoa in their diet and multiple improvements in cardiovascular disease risk factors after the consumption of dark chocolate. Within the last year, a number of studies have looked at the effect of chocolate/cocoa consumption on various aspects of cardiovascular health. The ingredients chocolate contains could be beneficial to health. Chocolate also contains antioxidant compounds call polyphenols. These are found in plant-derived foods such as fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, red wine, and also in cocoa beans. This will help me with supporting my points in my research paper because it presents information that shows the side I am supporting, which is how chocolate affects the human body and health.

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English…… please read first….. please read first…… due today
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