ENGL2311: Proposals and Presentations

Begin work on the final two assignments for this class: a proposal, and an accompanying presentation based on that proposal.  The proposal will have all of the specific details your audience needs to make a decision, while the presentation will summarize the key points in a visually attractive format, exhibiting some of the design elements that you learned in this course. 

Follow the directions in Chapter 8 (Chapter 21, 3rd. ed.) for “Collaborative Project: Improving Campus.”  Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to be a campus-based student to provide these insights. (However, should you use another school besides CTC, it must be an actual college or university campus.) Thus, you may choose to do an external proposal (see definition under Basic Features of Proposals). Front matter, such as a letter to a named authority, will not be required. The proposal beginning on p. 601 (3rd ed.) p. 594 (4th ed.) is a good example to follow. Remember that the example at the end of the chapter is a revision challenge. While it has all of the necessary information, it needs improvement in organization, content, style, and design. It is not a good example to follow.

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ENGL2311: Proposals and Presentations
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While the example in the textbook uses the first person we because it is a company proposal and implies that a team would be meeting the client’s need, remember that as a student, you would be making your proposal on your own and you really do not have much authority or clout in this matter, but a good idea is still a good idea. Put the focus on the proposal and not on yourself (with phrases such as I recommend and I propose). Use phrases such as The college needs to . . . or The college should . . .

Required Length for the Proposal: Approximately 2000-2500 words (4 to 5 pages of text, single spaced); visuals and graphics are additional and not counted as a part of the 4 to 5 pages of text.  The proposal should include all the elements determined to be basic features of proposals and listed at the beginning of the chapter (Introduction, Description of the current situation, Description of the project plan, Review of qualifications, Discussion of costs and benefits, Graphics, and Budget). Costs for your proposed project must be researched, be realistic estimates supported by sources, and be itemized for each proposed renovation or improvement. Again, a front matter letter is not necessary if you are doing an external proposal. Use at least 3 research sources (Other than online library databases, two sources must NOT be from the Internet.), and cite them correctly in text and provide a References page using APA format or a Works Cited page using MLA format.  Make CTC Library’s online databases your first stop for research.

Required Length for the Presentation: 8-10 slides.  Use a presentation software to create these slides. Your slides should show an evident relationship to your proposal either through accompanying note copy or copy on each slide.

Word count and slide minimums not met will be deducted proportionately from the grade.

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