ENC 1101: The Researched Essay Assignment

ENC 1101: The Researched Essay Assignment

TOPIC: Research and discuss an event or issue that is happening or being debated now (in 2020) so that you can utilize the most recent sources (television, newspapers, weekly magazines, on-line databases) as well as the traditional library sources. Focus on a specific element, issue, or argumentative stance. An obvious choice would be to discuss and take-a-stand regarding a very specific contemporary controversy. Please refer to the Instructional Messages that detail and exemplify.

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ENC 1101: The Researched Essay Assignment
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FORMAT: Follow your college handbook closely and use the new MLA-8 style to the letter; buy the handbook and work with it closely as a reference guide. In future courses you may be asked to use a style other than MLA, so learn by example: rely heavily on the sample research papers in the assigned handbook and the in-class handouts.

LENGTH: At least 1200 words, or at leastFOURtyped double-spaced pages (but the essay probably will and should exceed 1500 words)…. Sustain a specific focus, accumulating the required words; remember that the quality of your work is most important.

SOURCES: Your final draft must include at leastFIVEsources in your Works Cited, including at leasttwo electronic sources. Use as much variety of research as you can (peer-reviewed academic journals, magazines/newspapers, books, audio/visual, online databases).Eighttotwelvesources are preferred.

ARGUMENTATION: Approach your topic from many directions and phrase a clear thesis that is argumentative (where you not only present research but emphasize your own ideas on the issue). Vigorously support your argument.

PLAGIARISM: Do your own work and write your own paper, or you will fail the course; also, make a genuine effort to cite all sources fully and accurately. If you fail to demonstrate a basic understanding of documentation requirements so that your sources are not fully cited, your paper will receive a failing grade. Your essay will undergo an electronic Originality Check.

DOCUMENTATION: If the documentation of the final draft of your research paper is not consistent to the MLA style (MLA-8, the 2016 updates, preferred), the paper must receive a failing grade.

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