Employee relations in british airways and jet airways

I need some assistance with these assignment. employee relations in british airways and jet airways Thank you in advance for the help! The context of the employee relations theories is presented in the literature as follows: ‘from the unitarist perspective conflict between labour and management is viewed as being both unnecessary and avoidable. conflict occurs because of poor communication’ (Leat, 2001, 15). on the other hand, ‘the pluralist perspective assumes that decision – making processes within the state take place primarily under circumstances of individual political equality and freedom’ (Alford et al., 1985, 36). finally, ‘conflict theorists, in general, argue that science and technology benefit a select few’.

In Britain employee relations are based on the arrangements between employees and employers. however, minimum rights exist for employees. any violation of these rights leads to the relevant reaction of the unions. In the past the power of the country’s unions to decide on the framework of employment across the country has been significant. today, the power of British unions has been limited because of the ‘recessions, New Right politics, restrictive legislation on industrial action and massive restructuring in many organizations’ (HRM Guide, employee relations, Britain, 2010). Employment relations in Britain are developed in accordance with the rules included in the Employment Relations Act of 1999. British unions participate actively in disputes caused because of the violation of employees’ rights in Britain.

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 Employee relations in british airways and jet airways
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Trade unions have an important role in the development of employee relations in BA. The employees of British Airways are represented by the following trade unions: the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) – which represents the pilots of British Airways – and Unite, which represents the employees working in the other positions across the organization. The government does not have an active role in the formulation of employee relations in British Airways. however, the British courts are likely to influence the internal organizational environment by ruling on disputes between the firm and its employees (an example is the dispute of October 2006 for the right of an employee to wear a cross). The firm’s managers define the framework in which employee relations are developed and at what level the claims of the employees will be accepted. Employees in British Airways try to protect their rights on fair compensation for their work while the managers try to emphasize on the need for reducing the firm’s overall expenses – including the compensation of employees- in order for the effects of the recession on the firm to be effectively controlled.&nbsp.

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