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Topic: Employee Benefit

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Employee Benefit
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I have been asked to do a research paper and it’s about “Plan Asset” (not asset plan).

I have been trying to find out what it is, but I still don’t get it clear.

The condition of the company: it’s hiring 200 new employees and is growing/expanding its business. Maybe the questions below can relate to this condition.


1. What is Plan Asset? Is it a kind of an account name ?

2. Is it appeared on the balance sheet or financial statement?

3. How does Plan Asset works? What is its purpose ?

4. What does this statement mean?

” An asset in a retirement plan that serves as an investment vehicle for participating employees.”

5. How does the manager generate appropriate revenue to keep the plan running and manage risk ?

6. How to make sure that the employer and employees get a good plan asset so that they know they will be covered ?

7. What the difference between Plan Asset and Projected Benefit Obligation (PBO)?

8. When will employee benefit be an asset not only liability?

9. Example of the calculation of Plan assets.

That’s all for now. I hope the experts or anybody can help me to write the paper + the bibliography. And the answers should be related to Accounting aspect (if possible).


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