Employability and Consulting Skills

 There was an issue with some spelling mistakes that they pointed especially the inability to differentiate British from American English. Though the meaning remained the same, there was a difference in the spellings which was a back step. Moreover, they also pointed out that the need to include just a degree in my education is not overly important as the expression would have been left open. This would have established a thought towards indicating that the required level of education would go to a doctorate qualification.

In response to them, I cross-checked their views and appreciated their level of analysis and concern about my work. I especially was thankful to them after lauding the company’s sections. I was confident about my ability to do in-depth research and present information about a company, compare it to others and present a general idea about the three of them. I also learned that effective work requires attention to the content and language it is presented in. Not being a native speaker should not be an excuse for not presenting clear work to make it as meaningful as possible (Duval-Couetil & Mikulecky, 2011, p. 22). Moreover, the comments opened up my mind on the levels of qualifications required in this kind of work. One can get an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree or a doctorate for efficiency.

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Employability and Consulting Skills
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The few changes were made especially on the spelling of essential words. I also noted that not all names are English names and do not, therefore, need to be changed. However, I am still to change the language from the US to the British so that the flow can be maintained as original as required in that language. This can have a purely negative impact on the work done if not treated with the utmost care.

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