Emerging Trends in Certification.

Emerging Trends in Certification Since the beginning of International Coaching Federation’s credentialing program, performance assessment of each applicant is being made through the credentialing program.

Value addition of certification to a Employee Coach

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Emerging Trends in Certification.
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The International Coaching Federation has been encouraging a revised –oral examination scoring system since 2011. Besides, the federation endeavors to improve training of volunteer assessors. The program proved a success story with particular reference to value addition of certification to an employee coach.

Analysis of a Coaching Program

The federation offers three types of programs that include Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) and Continuing Coach Education (CCE). Out of all three, ACTP is a comprehensive program that inculcates ICF’s competencies and code of ethics among the candidates. Mentor Coaching, in-depth coaching sessions and a final examination are the hall marks of ACTP. The alumni of this program can apply for individual ICF Credential through a path provided by ACTP.

Factors making program valuable in emerging employee coaching trends

There are many factors that are contributing in the value addition of the program. One of the factors is the introduction of ‘Inter-rater reliability’. The training of volunteers for the conduct of oral examination of the candidate is also making program valuable. Listening abilities of coach employees are also being enhanced through different techniques.

Work Cited

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