Emerging ClassroomTechnology.

One clear and concise field this has been exhibited is in the education sector where digitalization has been seen taking over the previously existing means of offering learning services in school settings. Some levels of instructions like the higher education may be slightly ahead of the others (elementary, secondary and high schools) in instilling and embracing such technology.

The use of tablets in the classroom setting can be a critical and efficient technique as students pursue education. Owing to the fact that the tablets are portable, have an extensive display and easier input of data, these appliances are absolutely what people will have to look out for in the next five years especially in the high schools, targeting the adventurous teenagers (Rouse Margaret, July 2014).

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Emerging ClassroomTechnology.
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In the medicine-related subjects like Biology, students can conduct studies on bones just by zooming in and out the input high-quality images unlike taking a whole high school class for an unnecessary trip to a medical school.

In the case of an educational field trip, the students can take pictures of some of the principal physical sources of information they would not want to forget. They can later view these images of high quality anywhere and anytime without necessarily having to travel back to the fields.

The high school students too will enjoy live recording of the lectures in the next five years lest this technology is implemented. The students can watch some of the captured important steps a lecturer may be explaining, for instance, in a chemistry practical class where steps are important for scoring marks. Repeatedly watching these video clips can be more enjoyable and an easy to remember method of ideas.

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