Electronic Media Education Tool

 From the discussion it is clear that&nbsp.the incorporation of electronic media as an education tool is highly influenced by huge health facts and epidemiological conditions that directly hamper the model taken in the basic way of life of the older.&nbsp.There are established International guidelines on levels of exposure various intensities of microwave frequency EMFs.&nbsp. For instance, ICNIRP perimeter the power levels of incorporated wireless devices. Hense, wireless device manufacturers always have the baseline recommendable for manufacture of their instruments exceed the guidelines. The guidelines majorly take into account considerable thermal effects, but non-thermal effects have not been convincingly demonstrated.

This paper stresses that&nbsp.the main guidelines on design of the electronic media as an education tool hugely borders on the main instruments. For instance. computer affects, internet and other facilities entailed in enhancing the opposite working of the electronic media as an education system.&nbsp.Old age refers to a unique stage in life when the human body system is made weak to some extent. The group always have predicament with proper posture while walking or sitting. Disregard to proper sitting positions always results in backaches and pains, spinal injury and elevated fatigues.&nbsp.Others may have developed other specific problems for defects with hearing, seeing, memory loss and other minor issues.

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Electronic Media Education Tool
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