Electrical Stimulation of Brain Boosts Birth of New Cells.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Electrical Stimulation of Brain Boosts Birth of New Cells. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. How this article relates to the cognitive domain is evident in the way DBS has been effectively used as a treatment tool for coming up with potential treatments that are for individuals who have mental disorders. It focuses on the part of the brain which is known as the learning and memory center – the hippocampus. By the use of electrical stimulation to the entorhinal cortex, a area which is responsible for the line of communication to the hippocampus, it led to the creation of new cells. Despite the short term existence of these cells it was found that their presence had a lasting impact as far as changes in the memory were concerned. The affective domain comprises of ones feelings, sentiments, emotions as well as outlook. More specifically it looks at an individual’s ability to receive and respond to phenomena, value and organize things as well as define their characterization. The affective domain is reflected in this article, in the way the study proposes that by the use of stimulation of the brain circuitry the end result would be enhancing new functional brain cells in specific regions of the brain. This affects an individual’s ability to process, respond, react and hence have a major impact on their feelings and attitudes. Furthermore their attention span increases due to the expansion of their memory which directly has an effect on their ability to listen attentively and organize. The behavioral domain looks at a person’s utilization of motor skills and their ability to coordinate them. The initial test subjects on which the DBS therapy was tested were rats. To check whether the new integrated cells had led to the appropriate changes in memory the authors let the animals navigate their way in a pool of water which was submerged. The key aspect of their behavior which was tested was that of any noticeable impact on their learning. This in turn looked at their perception of the situation, their readiness to act appropriately, any learning which had resulted as far as their guided response was concerned. And finally their adaptation to the situation by analyzing their behavior contributes to their behavioral domain. There are various ways that the study can be applied to the various aspects of critical thinking. 1. Questions The questions which this study proposes to answer are whether electrical simulation of the brain can lead to the birth of new cells? Can this growth of new cells be then used to create changes in the memory? Can these changes then help individuals who have diseases such as Parkinson’s or other neurologic and psychiatric conditions? 2. Purpose The purpose of this study, as defined by the author, is basicalyn answering the questions which formulate the basis of its objective. It aims to check by applying the DBS technique on subjects, which were rats, to check the impact this stimulation had on a specific part of the brain, the hippocampus, which is responsible of a human’s brain learning and memory center 3. Concepts The basic idea of the study is to come to an understanding of the clinical impact of DBS.

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Electrical Stimulation of Brain Boosts Birth of New Cells.
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