Effects of social in education, health, and relationship EFFECTS OF SOCIAL IN EDUCATION, HEALTH, AND RELATIONSHIP Social class refers to people, who live together, and share some types of similarities. These similarities mainly are in the economic field. They engage in the same methods of production to earn a living. There are rewards they all share as educational provision, access to healthcare and the way they relate to one another. People in the same position benefit each other, and their bond is always strong. The social classes are in three namely. the upper, middle, and the lower class. Most of the first class people are the owners of factors of the production. The other classes work for the first class. This paper outlines the effects of social classes in various fields.

Social class affects education. In America, the white race get favours when it comes to education. The whites are likely to pass their examinations compared to the other races, who are the minority. This is because the working classes, who are the whites, always do not expect much from their children (Leonhardt, 2005). The other minorities always have their hopes in their children, so that they help them in the future. This raises their expectations on the children’s results. The white children have everything, like financial support, and they are motivated to read more. Poverty has affected the way children study, because most of the times they will be out of school looking for fees.

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Social class affects the health care of society. There is a difference in health standards between classes, and this is not only because of the level of income. There is inequality in supply of health necessities depending on the social class of individuals (Scott, 2005). The high class lived long and fell sick less often, as compared to, the lower class. They have the necessary resources to acquire medication and access health-improving activities like sports and gym. The lower classes face hardships in life making them prone to diseases like hypertensions. They engage in healthy risky activities like abuse of drugs. Even if the low class gets employment, it will not improve their health because they will still live in areas of low standards.

The social class affects how people relate to another. People socialize based on their level of classes. Most lower class men fear dating girls in the upper class (Lewin, 2012). The lower classes have low self-esteem because of their economic situation. They have stress, frustrations because of income inequality. The lower classes face many challenges, causing them to engage in criminal activities. They spend quality time away from people, as they plan criminal activities. With this, they have less time socializing hence poor relationship with other people in the society. The lower classes suffer from mood disorder. They cannot make decisions and agree on what to do when they are with colleagues. The high classes have the best socializing character. They have the resources to engage in social activities, like sports, and they have a good relationship with one another.

With these differences in social classes, there are gaps between people. The rich are different from the poor because of their level of incomes. Governments strive to reduce the gap worldwide. They distribute resources equally so as the lower class can move up and occupy the high-class zones.


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