Effects of Perception of the Use of Helmets among Motorcyclists

 Effects of Perception of the Use of Helmets among Motorcyclists. Write a 3000 word paper answering; Considering present changes in the behavior of motorcyclists and requirements on the road, the wearing of helmets has been considered as necessary and even mandatory to prevent road accidents that could in most cases lead to head injury for motorcyclists. However, wearing of helmets should be considered as ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ or sporty at the same time rather than old fashioned and only then more consumers could be persuaded to wear helmets to protect themselves with a headgear while on the road and driving or riding a vehicle.

In the case of motorcyclists, brain damage or head injury is the likely consequence of accidents and accidents are common for such drivers. The focus is thus on the methods to raise awareness among motorcyclists so that they can wear helmets regularly as a means to protect themselves and the other riders from any serious head or other kinds of injury due to any road accident.

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Effects of Perception of the Use of Helmets among Motorcyclists
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This research is based on the argument that if motorcyclists are shown that using helmets is trendy and even useful, then this will help to raise awareness about its necessity which is to primarily prevent injury from accidents and also make the use of helmets more popular among motorcyclists and other riders and drivers (Dickson et al, 2008).

The sample on whom this research project will be conducted consists of young 21-40-year-old motorcyclists or riders and their use of helmets and perceptions towards a use of helmets will be studied to understand the attitudes that they hold about the use of helmets while driving or riding motorcycles and how these attitudes are positive or negative or are changed due to change of awareness or due to social perceptions.

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