Effective Communication and Its Importance.

Biblically, communication existed among the creators of the universe. This shows that communication took place a long time ago among the trinity when they said, “let there be light”, “let there be heaven and earth” (Weekley, 1967, p.338 as cited by Slater, n.d., p.1). Communication is related to communion and community. It comes from Latin word communicate, which means to make something common (Weekley, 1967, p.338 as cited by Slater, n.d., p.1). Communication is an ongoing process emphasizing that it is always changing, therefore a key concept in communication is change. Steinberg says that “it is dynamic, never-ending and ever-changing. It does not have a beginning or an end, nor does it follow a fixed sequence of events” (2007, p. 40).

In another definition, it’s given as the sharing of feelings, ideas and opinions with others. Man is a social being and as we live in groups, sharing of ideas is phenomenal. In all models and forms of communication, there is two-way traffic between the speaker and receiver of the message. For spoken communication, there is verbal emission and verbal receiver. In written communication, there is a writer and a reader, whereas, in visualization and observation, there is the inclusion of signs.

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Effective Communication and Its Importance.
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Communication serves as follows. it “motivates, suggests, warns, orders, changes behaviour, and establishes better relationships, to make interaction meaningful and make one self-understood” (Ashalatha, n.d.). Successful communication is the one that has been acknowledged by the receiver. Since communication involves interaction, it encourages the exchange of ideas to the point of making all experiences common. This interactive nature pertains the fact that sending and receiving of messages is connected through space and time. Communication not only exists in human beings. it is available across all nature.

Communication is seen as a linear sequence of events transmitted from&nbsp.one person to the other.&nbsp.

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