Effect of university id in design and technology

The Islamic architectural styles emerged during Muhammad time that initially had principal Islamic architectural styles such as the palace, the fort and the mosque. As a way of preserving and revitalization of the rich national heritage, the architects of Saudi Arabia are using traditional design in new structures. King Saud and King Khalid international airport are examples of Saudi Arabian architecture that has combined modernity and tradition. The key ingredients in the construction are palm tree leaves and tree trunks while in ornamentation of the buildings stone and wood are used. Unlike the western architecture, that uses processed cement and concrete (King 123). Many architects in Saudi Arabia have not totally embraced the use of modernity in architecture. They have continually used traditional methods of construction. In as much as there is availability of modern building materials such as concrete and steel which are international materials that are devoid of regional characteristics, the Arab architects have developed striking effects in design and construction by using native brick, stucco, stone, ceramic and tiles. In buildings where the personal, human elements are important, the architects may include modern architectural designs and techniques. Architecture of Saudi Arabia The architecture of Saudi Arabia is greatly characterized by its deep history and culture and it encompasses a greater variety of architectural styles. It is ancient and renowned. The architecture of Saudi Arabia speaks a lot about the natural artistry of its people. Saudi Arabia is predominately an Islamic country and enjoys the history of one of the best Islamic architects of all time. Thus, it is not rare to see elements of Islamic architecture being used in abundance throughout Saudi Arabia. Traditional as well as modern buildings both have such elements including domes minarets etc. The architecture of the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is unique and diverse, this being brought about by its own rich and uniquely different cultural past that has developed over many years. The architecture, traditional in this case, is categorized by both and abundant use of vibrant colors and the presence of intricate patterns. Initially, this architecture was influenced mainly by the climatic conditions, geography and availability of resources to be used for the construction works from nearby areas. In its initial stages, the architecture in the central areas of the Kingdom was comprised of houses/structures made of sun-dried bricks that were readily available. these being malleable, thus their insulating qualities. Parts of western Saudi Arabia used red bricks with stone housed being the most popular. while in the city of Jeddah, due to the closeness of the Red sea, the houses were build using coral items from the sea. Modern day architecture in the Kingdom entails the creation of a unique blend of both modern and traditional architectural patterns with the King Saud University and the King Khalid International Airport being between the two most remarkable architectural designs. them combining both tradition and modernity in their structural makeup and design.

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Effect of university id in design and technology
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