Effect of Sulfur on the Environment.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Effect of Sulfur on the Environment. The sulfur is found in the air in many forms and when these compounds are inhaled at larger concentrations, it irritates the eyes and throats of the people as well as animal species.

Sulfur occurs naturally in the environment with most of its sediments at the volcanic regions. 2 % of the world’s production is mined out has the elemental sulfur and the remaining percentage is obtained as a co-product, recovered from the oil and gas production. The elemental sulfur is also called as brimstone. The largest production of sulfur occurs wherever the coal and oil are refined and processed.

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Effect of Sulfur on the Environment.
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Sulfur is one of the integral components and an important commodity of the world economy. It is used in the production of Sulphuric acid, batteries, Detergents, fungicides, fertilizers, gunpowder, matches, fireworks, rubber products, sugars, etc. The use of these sulfur-containing materials as part of the above applications are very dangerous to the environment. Among these applications, Sulfur is the primary source for the production of Sulphuric acid with over 30 million tones of Sulphuric acid are being produced in the US alone. It is used as a dehydrating agent in many industries and it is an essential component in many processes as an intermediate. Sulfur dioxide is used as a bleaching agent in wood pulping industries and textile industries. It is also used for preserving fruits such as apples, apricots, figs, etc., and for cleaning the vats for the preparation of cheese and wine. Sulfur is also used in the fertilizer industry for the production of the phosphate, nitrogen, potassium and sulfate fertilizers. The plants also need sulfur for its growth, as next to nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, sulfur is an important component of its growth. The sulfur concentration increases the crop yield of the plants in many ways. The sulfur is required for the plant growth and nutrition. It also increases the nutritive value of plant growth.

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