EDUC 721 

EDUC 721 

Research Proposal Assignment Instructions

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EDUC 721 
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The Research Proposal will be based on the topic chosen for the Thesis statement. This proposal does not need the research to be carried out nor do you need to know the specific statistical analysis. In order to help you, you can use the statistical guide which is located on the Research Proposal Assignment page under Research Proposal Resources.

The assignment is intended to help you begin thinking about appropriate research techniques. Your research must be related to your research question, and you should strive to keep things as simple as possible as this is often your first take on study design.

Your Research Proposal should include an introduction containing an abstract of the literature review that consists of one to two paragraphs with cited references. The proposal should also include a two-paragraph rationale for your study. You should state your research question in the introduction.

In the body of your proposal, you should explain the methods for your research. This is where you will describe your participants, the criteria used in the selection of your participants, the setting in which your investigation will occur, and the materials/equipment that will be used. You will also describe the data collection procedures, including relevant data forms. In this section you will operationally describe your procedures. In general terms, you should describe the experimental design of your study, the reliability procedures, and both the dependent and dependent variables.

You will end your Research Proposal with your conclusion and discussion which will summarize the proposal as you do not yet have results. Also, you will provide a summary as it relates to your research question as well as explain implications for future research/teaching.

The dissertation portal contains a plethora of dissertations that can be used as guides. If you find one fairly close to your thesis, then that would serve as an excellent guide. A link to these can be found in the Research Proposal Assignment page under Research Proposal Resources, and a Grading Rubric for which your proposal will be measured against is provided.

The Research Proposal must be 3–5 pages, written in current APA format.

Online Statistics Guide

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