Editing of Video and Sound

EDITING ● Establishing shot of a portion of the toilet 38-:40). The partial exposure of the entire toilet parallels the slow-moving suspense. ● All transitions used ordinary cuts except for the fade-to-black at the sequence’s ending at 5:09. This technique lends an objective tone to the entire sequence, allowing the viewer to have an unbiased interpretation of the events.

● There are a total of about 30 shots for the 310-second clip, which yields an average shot length (ASL) of 10 seconds. This high ASL indicates the slow rhythm of the film and the slow building-up of the suspense.

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Editing of Video and Sound
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● There were notable long takes (lasting more than 15 seconds), which include :1-:37 (soldier 1 walks in the hallway), :49-1:16 (soldier 2 in the sitting in the toilet), 2:51-3:14 (soldier 3 enters the toilet), 3:20:3:39 (soldier 3 talks to soldier 2) and short takes, such as 3:57-3:58 (gunshot), 3:59-4:00 (close-up shot of soldier 2), 4:55 (soldier 1 shouts), and slow-motion at 3:56-3:58 (soldier falls). The unusually long takes set the contemplative and suspenseful tone of the film. The short takes, meanwhile, emphasize the climactic moments of the sequence and highlight the tension felt by the characters.


● There was a non-diegetic (off-screen) musical accompaniment which consisted of two musical instruments that played in slow tempo. The dark and high-pitched background music combined with the predominantly quiet diegetic (on-screen) environment seemed to warn of an impending tragedy/doom.

● Several sound effects including the loading of the magazine (1:09-1:15, 1:47-1:48), the clanking of the rifle (2:15-2:17, 2:23-2:24), the loading of the rifle (2:28-2:31), and gunshots (3:57, 3:56) were included. A deep, moaning sound was heard from 3:57-4:00. Aside from the dialogue and background music, these sound effects were the only type of sound heard in the sequence, which tend to highlight violence and monstrosity.

● Dialogue was present in the sequence. The volume of the voices differed when the characters were angry, anxious, and disturbed.

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