Economic Interventions Case Study


For this discussion, review “Case Study: Heterogeneity of Methods and Finding in Systematic Reviews of ‘Economic Interventions,'” located on page 24, Box 3.1 in your Shemilt text. Completing this activity will help you apply knowledge to a real-life situation.

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Economic Interventions Case Study
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After reading the case study, do the following in your post:

  • Explain what occurred.
  • Note the key issues.
  • Note the results.

As you write, imagine you are explaining the case study to someone who is not familiar with evidence-based management and does not have a lot of experience in health care.

Read the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide prior to posting to learn how the instructor will evaluate your discussion participation.

Response Guidelines

Read the posts of your peers and respond to two. In your responses, complete the following:

  • Imagine you are the person your peer is explaining the case study to. As you read your peer’s post, consider the following:
  • Critique your peer’s analysis of the case study.
    • Did you identify the same key issues and results your peer did? Explain.
    • What might your peer be missing in his or her analysis?
    • What might you be missing in your analysis after reading your peer’s analysis
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