Economic Conditions USA

I will pay for the following article Economic Conditions USA: Sweeping Return to Power by the Democrats. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. They became totally uncomfortable with the regime and hence a political change was prompted. Various political changes took place that resulted in a sweeping return of the Democrats to power. This period witnessed heated politicking where politicians rejuvenated themselves so as to have a landslide victory. In addition, voter realignment took place as the new deal realignment started gaining political momentum.

This essay, therefore, seeks to discuss the history of the American government by analyzing the economic conditions that led to a sweeping return of Democrats to power. Additionally, the essay will explain why Hoover’s policies failed not to keep the Republicans in power, how the procedures of our political system help or hinder the enactment of changes to address the Great Depression. Further, staggered House and Senate elections affect the enactment pace of new policies that will be discussed.

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Economic Conditions USA
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The economic conditions that led to the return to power by the democrats were the US economic recession that took place between 1920 -1940. This was severest in 1930 and the economy almost collapsed. It is important to note that the depression was not just on the economy, but also political and social. Socially, increased crime rate and other social evils were witnessed. In this case, the collapse of the economy that was in the offing threatened to breakdown social and political institutions. The recession resulted in a high unemployment rate of 25% in 1930. The GDP drastically reduced as a result of poor performance caused by low labor engagement. Other economic factors remained underutilized and by 1933, the GDP had fallen dramatically, the investment purchases had also dramatically fallen. The fall of these investments purchases was the immediate cause of this depression (Taylor, 1). Further, investors’ confidence deteriorated leading to a low level of economic activities.

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