Ecobeach Eco-tourism Operation.

 Ecobeach Eco-tourism Operation. It involves the activities of educating tourists and the provision of funds for the purpose of the environments preservation (Frisch and Johannsen, 2004). The major purpose of carrying out these activities is to aid in the protection of nature and to empower the locals politically. It also assists in fostering the economic growth of a country and the reverence for the different cultures along with the right’s of humans. The major aim of eco tourism is to preserve nature so that the coming generations can enjoy environments that are safe and habitable (Fennel and Dowling, 2003). Tourism on the other hand is the activity of organizing the commercial operation of vocations and places that are of interest to the visitors in an area. Most people view the process of making improvements on the environment as the duty of the local authorities, the nongovernmental organizations dealing in protection of the environment and other profit making organizations dealing with the matter. Eco beaches are those beaches where environmental protection efforts have been done on them to ensure that nature, the community and the visitors all benefit. 1.1 Background information The importance of ecotourism has been put to consideration by different environmentalists who desire to conserve the environment for the coming generations. Their efforts focus on the charitable sustainability of our surroundings. Tourism entails visiting areas where flowers, fauna and artistic traditions are the major appeals for commercial reasons (Zeppel, 2006). The major goal of this practice is to enhance the tourists views on the impacts of mans activities on his surroundings.

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Ecobeach Eco-tourism Operation.
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