Create a local conceptual data model(ER Diagram)pls. use words drawing tools.2) Create a transaction pathways diagram to validate the local conceptual data model against the query transactions describe in the case study.3) Create and validate a local logical data model from the local conceptual data model.The EasyDrive School of Motoring Case StudyCompany OverviewThe EasyDrive School of Motoring was established in Glasgow in 1992. Since then, the schoolhas grown steadily and now has several offices in most of the main cities of Scotland. However,the school is now so large that more and more administrative staff are being employed to copewith the ever-increasing amount of paperwork. Furthermore, the communication and sharing ofinformation between offices, even in the same city, is poor. The Director of the School, DaveMacLeod, feels that too many mistakes are being made and that the success of the school will beshort-lived if he does not do something to remedy the situation. He knows that a database couldhelp in part to solve the problem and has approached you to help in creating a database system tosupport the running of the EasyDrive School of Motoring. The Director has provided thefollowing brief description of how the EasyDrive School of Motoring operates.Data RequirementsEach office has a manager, several instructors, and administrative staff. The manager isresponsible for the day-to-day running of the office. Clients must first register at an office andthis requires that they complete an application form, which records their personal details. Clientsthen book their lessons. A lesson is for one hour, which begins and ends at the office. A lessonis with a particular instructor in a particular car at a given time. Lessons can start as early as 8am and as late as 8 pm. After each lesson, the instructor records the progress made by the clientand notes the mileage used during the lesson. Each office has a pool of cars, which are adaptedfor the purposes of teaching. Each car is allocated to a particular instructor. Once ready, a clientapplies to take a driving test at the local government testing centre. After the test is completed,the client returns to the school and the test results are recorded.Query Transactions (Sample)The Director has provided some examples of typical queries that the database system for theEasyDrive School of Motoring must support:The name and telephone number of the manager of each office.The full address of all offices in the city of Glasgow.The names of all female instructors based in the Bearsden office in the city of Glasgow.The total number of staff at each office.The total number of clients at each office.The lessons for a given instructor.The employee numbers and names of staff who are over 55 years old.The registration number of the cars used at the Bearsden office in the city of Glasgow.The names of all clients who passed the driving test in January 2005.The names of all clients that have taken the driving test more than three times.The average number of miles driven during a lesson.The number of administrative staff at each office.

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