Easy2Learn Project Principles

Write 6 pages with APA style on Easy2Learn Project Principles. Very interestingly, there are many who see education and learning to be the same thing and so use the two terms interchangeably. Schiefelbein (2006) however posited that this cannot be right because education and learning happen for different purposes. Whiles education is focused on taking instructions from others, learning focuses on making discoveries for one’s self (Mallon, 2007). It could be true therefore that learning can happen while receiving education. However, education does not happen whiles learning because learning is very independent (Coombs and Hallak, 2007). It is based on this assertion of the independence of learning that the Easy2Learn project was carried out to combine information technology (IT) with management to serve as a platform for people to gain knowledge on their own.

Learning must be accessible: Because learning is something that a person does for himself, it is believed that learning must be accessible wherever a person is. There must not be any limitations to access. It is based on this principle that Easy2Learn was made internet-based and very affordable.

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Easy2Learn Project Principles
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Learning must be continuous: It is believed that unlike traditional education, learning must be continuous and never end (Mallon, 2008). The basis for this principle is that once a person stops learning at some point in time, the person becomes rusty. But once learning is made continuous, a person is able to master what is being learned.

Learning must be for all: Because no one teaches someone how to learn, it is a principle that learning must be for all with no limitations on age. It is based on this principle that the team management designed the architecture of the project in such a way that it is conducive for people of all age groups.

Learning must have no roadblocks: Education has a lot of formula and roadblocks that define what must be done at any point in time. This is not so with learning and so Easy2Learn was developed as a user-centered project where the user&nbsp.decides how learning must happen.

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