e Scientific Method of Colors.

I will pay for the following article Scientific Method of Colors. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. It is interesting to know that the human mind is closely associated to colors. In fact, colors have an effect on human behavior as well which is termed as color psychology. Colors have negative effects Studies have confirmed that certain color such as red is highly distractive and arousal in nature and can cause avoidance behavior is people whereas people tend to feel drowsy and sleepy when associated with the color blue (Jalil et al, 2012, p59). It is not only the emotional mind which is affected by colors but color also affects one’s memory as well. Studies have shown that both consistency of colors and the right color combination helps in enhancing memory (Dzulkifli and Mustafar, 2013, p.3)

Color is also associated with the mood of a person. An angry person would show more preference to colors such as orange or red while a calm person would prefer blue or green. Thus color coding for products or advertisements is often used by marketing strategists to allure consumers.

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Therefore a close study upon how colors affect and alter human behavior and mood can help in understanding psychological problems and also create new therapeutic approaches.

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