Dynamic legislative process

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Dynamic legislative process

The Dynamic Legislative Process Mr. Hamilton say that when the framework was set up more than 200 years ago, the central power of making the laws that govern the United States was give to the Congress. They started by understanding what American people’s wanted, their hopes, needs, dreams and desire and translate them into public policy through the legislative process. He says that through the years, the process of legislative has really changed on how the proposed bills become laws.

In the text book legislative process the quiz was tricky but I can say that the results did not as such surprise me because I got more than 50% of the questions.

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Dynamic legislative process
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In the public criticism section, I went through all the five questions asked and the response from political scientist and professionals and I can say that the exercise was quiet interactive and interesting. I indeed responded to the five questions based on my opinion and my rating was that I was generally comfortable with how the congress work as opposed to the previous people who responded to those questions who said that they were fairly dissatisfied with how the congress operates.

In section 3, I learnt a lot about how the congress work not according to the way the public think things should be done. For example in the opinion that the public thought that the congress was very slow in it process and Wilson responded this by saying things should not be that way because a public that is capable of doing good things quickly, it is also capable of doing bad things quickly.

In the opinion of the public was that they dislike a congress that is always arguing and with conflict but Rosenthal opposed this and said it was very health when there is conflict in representative democracy as this helps to avoid concentration of power at any one place in the government. He argues that if America was to be a representative democracy, then conflict must exist between decision makers.

In general, the public like the congress to work quickly but it works deliberately slowly. They work like this to prevent bad things from passing in the heat of the moment.

Dynamic legislative process
legislative process

I agree with Hibbing and Theiss-Morse when they write that “Much of what the public dislikes about Congress is endemic to what a legislature is” because they lack an appreciation for the ugliness of democracy.

Lee Hamilton explained the real legislative process by all bills before they are passed into law. Let me say that I was surprised by the complexity of the whole process. The legislative process though complex is very health and necessary for any bill to pass through so that it when it is passed into law it workable among the people.

Bill Frenzel who is currently a guest scholar at brooking Institutions in Washington DC is widely viewed as a leading expert in budget and trading policy, was a former member of congress for Minnesota for twenty years. He commented on deliberative process of the congress by saying that the system was made to run like that because before the congress pass any bill, they must consider a number of options. He adds by saying that if the public that they have a problem with the congress there are courts of law with can intervene. He is happy the way the congress is run and he say it may not be run at a better a way than that.

John Hibbing, a political scientist served an editor of the legislative studies quarterly and as a president of the America Political Science Association’s Legislative Studies section. He commented about the deliberative process of the congress by saying that the structure was made to run the way it is to prevent bad things from being done and to ensure that good things are done.

He said that the system was not made to frustrate the public but to make legislative to be passed easily and if people wanted it to be changed, then they can change though they have to look in its effectiveness. He also said that the Americans view the legislator as that they just serve their own interest but that was not the case. I do favor a slow process that prevent things from happening because if good things happen quickly, then bad things will also happen quickly also.

In the conclusion, Mr. Hamilton says that the legislation process is complex and untidy and it allows everyone to contribute his views and it has allowed the Americans to solve their differences for over two hundred years. To my views, I can say the Congress really is an institution designed to meet the needs and wants of the American people. This is because, they deliberative legislative process has enabled them to solve their differences for over two hundred years. I have learnt a lot about the dynamic legislative process and I can see the reason as to why a bill take that long before it become a law.


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