Durkheim vs Marx Views about Society.

I will pay for the following article Durkheim vs Marx Views about Society. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. As a result, the two theorists had to engage with the implications and causes of crucial developments such as the industrial revolution and concepts such as the French Revolution (Morrison, 2006). Additionally, the two theorists developed ways of revising the apologetic and simplistic accounts of the 19th-century&nbsp.capitalist societies.

Karl Marx’s social structure differed from Emile Durkheim’s social structure based on his critique of idealist philosophy and the issue of historical materialism. Karl Marx was concerned about the individual members of society. Marx’s notion of social structure uncovered scientific laws that determined capitalism. These notions were developed through his theory of social change. According to Karl Marx, social change was a succession of developmental stages. Each of the stages was part of a defined sequence or pattern (Morrison, 2006). As an explanatory framework, Marx’s historical materialism was a response to idealist philosophies, which viewed the state as the highest expression of a community. This ideal also viewed Christianity as the highest religion. Marx developed a materialistic outlook of history, religion, and the state.

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Durkheim vs Marx Views about Society.
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Marx criticized capitalism because he did not agree with the fact that the capitalist organization or approach to production and the division of labor were the outcome of human natural tendencies to produce to exchange. Marx’s objective was to advance the view that capitalism was apologetic and simplistic. He advanced an account of social change, which dismissed abstract individualism underlying the political economy (Martin, 2011). Additionally, Marx showed that class relations within a society were conflicting. According to Marx, capitalistic modes of production rest on the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalist. Marx’s notion was used to develop a framework that was used to unmask the ideological aspects of the bourgeois legal, social, and political arrangements. They also&nbsp.contributed to the formation of a revolutionary movement that sought to emancipate the individual and abolish class divisions.

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