dsDecide on the focus of your paper. Choose from the following options:

  • HR focus: you may cover all HRM practices such as performance management, reward, selection, etc., or you may choose to focus on one or two of these practices in more detail.
  • ER focus: please concentrate on all forms of employee communication, both through individual and collective mechanisms.

Draft your proposal in a WORD document, with the following:

  • Describe the organization, including size (number of employees), age (year of founding), and sector.
  • Outline the internationalization strategy of the organization.
  • Describe which countries to be included.
  • Describe whether the focus will be HR or ER, and what this will include.
  • Based on the above points, describe the objectives of the paper.
  • Outline the theories/frameworks you will draw on from the course, with references.
  • Indicate key scientific articles that you intend to refer to from outside the course readings (you do not need to have an exhaustive list at this stage), with references. Include recent references from the last four years. If needed, you could include old references but the number of these should be limited.
  • If you intend to do interviews, please include a list of questions which you would ask senior management in your organization in order to establish the internationalization strategy of the firm (you can use these later for your actual paper research). You could also draw on interviews from other relevant sources (such as the perception of employees, point of view of unions, etc). In all cases, you will need to justify your choice of participants in terms of the objectives of your paper. If you do not or cannot include interviews, just skip this part but justify your choice.
  • Mention your expected findings and how these can confirm/contradict the theories that you will draw on from the course and the scientific literature.
  • Describe the possible limitations of your paper and its practical implications.
  • Finally (optional), describe what difficulties you think you might face in writing the paper and what resources are available to help you overcome them.
  • Paper must be atleast three thousand words

You are the HR or ER manager of a U.S.-based firm about to expand into THREE different countries.

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dsDecide on the focus of your paper. Choose from the following options:
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  • Decide which THREE counties you will focus on.
  • Choose the first two countries from the continents of South America and Asia, and include either Australia OR New Zealand for the third territory.
  • What are the key HR/ER issues you will face with internationalization in terms of
  • HR/ER policies and practices and
  • the structure and roles of the HR/ER function?
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