Double Standards: Womens Property Rights Violations in Kenya.

 Double Standards: Womens Property Rights Violations in Kenya. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Women property rights have been highly violated in Kenya. The deep-rooted customs have made women in Kenya full of fear to express their perplexed minds. The rule of their old traditional customary laws of the land has been a great hindrance in women exercising their political, economic and social rights, (Ghai p 290). The mindsets of their men towards women have to change for the country to realize its vision in 2030. This paper will critically analyze the double standards played against women’s property rights.

Delayed justice is justice denied. Women inequality in Kenya starts far much from when the baby girl is born. Every child has the right to quality education. In the rural parts of Kenya, the preference to educate the boy child over the girl child is the essence of this big may hem. This cripples the girl child mind. Rights to education and training should be available to all and at the right time, (Ghai p 291). The arguments of the girl will get married and get a comfortable life wherever she is married are arguments that should be thrown to the bottom lake of fire.

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Double Standards: Womens Property Rights Violations in Kenya.
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With the right education in place, the women are able to brain box their opposite gender for an equal share. In the lake region, for instance, the ‘luos,’ geographically located at the Lake region along the river Nile, traditionally practiced wife inheritance. The women lived in great agony after their husbands’ death. The rights to own property and make decisions were nowhere near the script, (Ghai p 292). This polygamous life was the birth of psychological torture. The exposure the sexually transmitted killer diseases could not be ruled out. Thanks to civilization that this never happens.

In central Kenya where ‘bantus, kikuyu, the embu’ and the ‘meru’ tribes owned huge chunks of land. On the death of the husband, this property was illegally taken by the brothers to the deceased. This left the family to languish in poverty. The daughters of these rich tycoons were unfortunately not inheriting any form of property or land. The land was meant for the sons, (Ghai p 293). The belief that the women would get portions of wealth wherever they got married is an act that is highly condemned.

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