Domestic Violence

There is also a notion that men are aggressive and combative in nature hence likely to batter their wives. Generally, domestic violence is viewed as women problem hence the picture created is that of a battered woman physically assaulted thus ignoring emotional abuse. It is therefore imperative to ask why women are the most victims as shown by the figures and women advocates’ grievances.

Culture is considered a great contributor to domestic violence. Most traditional societies advocated for wife beating as a sign of love and to gain respect (Jaffe, 2006). Culture also determines gender roles in society where a man is supposed to be a provider to the family and the place of a woman is in the kitchen. Women are supposed to be submissive to their husbands and not to question his decisions. Women in some societies do not own property and neither engage in paid jobs hence rely on the husband for survival. Even if engaged in employment they are lowly paid as they take up simple tasks due to their feminism. They are thus prone to abuse by their spouses for example by refusal of financial needs and emotional and physical abuse. Some men who depend on wives for survival are also prone to violence.

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Domestic Violence
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Boys and girls are socialized into different roles as they grow up and this affects their future. Those who grow up in an abusive family are likely to end up being violent adults (Davis, 1998). On the other hand, not all children exhibit or take up the behavior as adults. Some learn its consequences and would not like to end up as their parents. Some develop fear which makes them prone to abuse. Nowadays people are educated and no longer practice those traditions of wife beating but gender equity has not been achieved and will take long to achieve (Davis, 1998). Feminists should therefore establish new ways of curbing domestic violence

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