Domain and Development of Cultural Intelligence

Thomas discusses the impact of cross-cultural interactions in different disciplines. The two domains in which cultural influence mechanisms fall are cognitive and motivational. The cognitive dimension is about the cultural different perceptions and signal interpretations while the motivational dimension is about self-concepts that are culturally different and can impact what we consider to be desirable. Hence, this can impact outcomes and behavior. This implies that knowledge knows what culture is and how it impacts behavior. Mindfulness, on the other hand, is described as a specific mega cognitive process in which multiple perspectives are sought for and new mental categories are created. People who are high on CQ quotient need to act instead of being just informed about what their culture is like. They must perform and act. The behavioral component of CQ is described as the ability to adjust and adapt behavior in a different situation based on one’s expectation of others.

Value to the reader:

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Domain and Development of Cultural Intelligence
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In today’s diverse world and society, it is very important to understand the concept of cultural intelligence. The reader is able to relate to other cultures and self-concepts by his ability to tolerate them and by understanding their predicaments. This will help establish harmony, understanding and stage the foundation of healthy interactions between people. The article is important for it digs down on the characteristics of cultural intelligence which can be applied by people in their lives.

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