Does Kurt Vonnegut 

Does Vonnegut Write like Kilgore Trout and Eliot Water Different people have different levels of understanding while reading or writing a piece of literature. Each individual is gifted with a convinced level of perceptive and it is how people use their understanding that they are able to comprehend how best written the article they are reading or writing about is. Some people write to please themselves while others write for the sake of writing and there are those who write with a purpose of making their thoughts and actions known. The intention of this paper is to study a piece of literature and make a comment about it. The piece of literature will be used for comparison on how best it has been written.

The piece of literature has been written by an author known as Vonnegut (Farrell, 10). His piece of literature is being compared with others written by the authors Kilgore and Eliot. Slaughterhouse-five by Vonnegut is a piece of literature that talks about world war 2 life experiences at the time and one thing that can be said about the piece of literature is that it is a fine piece of work. Everything is well expressed in the piece of literature, and there is an assurance that by the end of reading, the reader will have grasped quite a lot. The writing uses literature devices, and this makes the work all the more entertaining and splendid. Looking at the piece of literature, it is written in short and very descriptive sentences that bring the illusion of understanding and a sense of reading (Deneen, 46).

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The book is written in a setting that can be described as historic, geographic and scientific. Comparing it with the other author’s piece of literature, it is safe to say that this piece of writing is magnificent, easy to read and understand and though complicated, its short and direct sentences provide the reader with a much higher level of understanding. The reading is uncomplicated to interpret and comprehend (Marvin, 100). It places the reader in a situation much like the one the narrator places the main character. in war. The descriptions are vivid and bear meaning. This is a book that would be recommended for rereading since it captures the heart, soul and brings about the realization of one’s dreams and desires. The piece of literature has successfully integrated the aspects of tragedy and comic relief. These two are being used together to bring a blend of the events (Trout, 12).

There is one phrase that captures the attention of readers, and it bears meaning to the story that is written. The phrase. ‘so it goes’, has been used frequently by the author. This phrase seems to bear meaning to the author, and he keeps using it to make his point known. The outline itself is interesting, and has placed ideas and observations at the frontline of the story. The piece of literature might be written in a more effective way than in is written, but the overall conclusion is that the story has been written with much thought and is very much likable and interesting. This piece of writing does not bring out the author as the best. it does not mean that he is above the other authors. What it means is that his point of view is different from the other authors. The similarity is that they all convey a message at the end (Bloom, 34).

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