Do You Know You Are Not in the Matrix, and Does it Matter?

Subject: Science, Philosophy and Society
Question: Do you know you are not in the Matrix, and does it matter?
From my understanding, I am not live in a real life, I live in some kind of system such as Matrix Philosophers and physicists were discussed a lot about the matrix that we live in, so and they gave much more ideas about the computer simulation and a real life. From my point of view, we are absolutely live in the matrix, and the life is not real that we live. I think the world is somehow like a system and everything depends on one another. And I have enough clear reasons and examples to prove that. So if we think carefully and logically, we can admit that the life we live in is not real.

Let’s think logically, about on the planet Earth that we live in. If the moon was just a little bit further or closer away from our planet how that would affect and change everything and if we were further closer to the sun how that would affect and change everything and how our body has these complex functions process oxygen and sunlight what it produces and we it’s so complicated. And how we create, so we have been created right everything that we create in our society starts with a thought by our brain. The world we live in feels normal and ordinary. It feels like this is just how humans exist and always existed. But its not.
According to my understanding, our planet is going round its axis, and we can not live on the planet than from the planet Earth. We are protected by the layers of the sky, and we are given air and water for our lives, and we will do other important things for survive by ourselves. For example; we are creating different types of physical and intelligent techniques to make things physically easer, and we are contrive different kind of products to use; we cultivate different kinds of plans to eat.
If we do not do these things, we can not possibly imagine our lives. So from my understanding, it’s just like a perfectly structured program, and we’ve got this perfectly structured program, we have to play for alive and we have programmed into this planet Earth. Maybe my ideas are wrong, but think carefully, that our brain and body is such a perfectly structured system. For example; if we smell, hear, eat, touch, or see anything, we can not say it’s all real because everything we fell that automatically will send signals to our basic system which is brain.
So we can easily say it is somehow like a system. If we do not have a brain we can not feel at all. Take an example of the stomach, and this is very complex such as other organisms is works like a single cell of the 10000 trillions cells in our body actually has its own intelligence, yes is it incredible but when we zoom it, we can see it like a universe.
Furthermore, how do we know that anything is exists how do we know there’s a world outside my mind I look around there a world of cars and tables and trees and buildings how do really that any of it is real I think none of them is real, so why? Because, many things that we see and the physical objects is not to show us the truth it is to hide the truth so that we do not have to deal with all that complexity and we have a little eye candy for our species that let us do what we need to do to stay alive. So we can see only outsides and we cannot see inside that things and as will as any kind of very little things.
We can only see things simpler, but it will look totally different when we look at it with microscopic, closely-distinct, and distant proximity devices. For example, we cannot see bacteria floating in the air, so millions of different kinds of bacteria fly in the air we breathe. We cannot afford to see very small insects and neither plants.So I admire that everything that we see is not real. We see and feel this truth, but that does not mean we live in real life. We only see tenth of what we see around us, this mean we only see falsehood but not real.
I believe that all people are created by Allah and live in a real life. And I want to say an example of a book created by God, the book is called Quran. If we take Islam from a religious point of view, if we see the Quran which is 1400yrs old, still mentions many facts which is we are not live in real life, for example we cannot see and feel any kind of the soul and the snouts, and this cannot be seen by human eyes, but animals can see it and also they can be seen on the camera images we are just living in a system that God has created, but we can see real life after we die.
Some people may claim that the Quran was changed as new scientific facts were discovered. But this cannot be the case, because it is a historically documented fact that the Quran is preserved in it is original language. A Quran was written down and memorised by people during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad.
Thank you for your time.

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Do You Know You Are Not in the Matrix, and Does it Matter?
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