Diversity Trip.

For instance, Cumberland is associated with vast views across Beadon Cove, Cohansey Cove and Dyer Cove bays among others. In the case of String town, the Bakers Bay offers fascinating views. On the other hand, the Venetian Bay offers the Park side estate a fascinating outlook characterized by serene environment. In essence, the three estates are surrounded by vast natural scenes that make them not only attractive but also fascinating. Younger children will have fun in integrating the theory perspective learnt in class about these scenarios with the practical aspect (Black, 39).

A child’s world view on these estates differs depending on the distinguishable features. For instance, the numerous bays in South Cumberland creates fascinating scene for the children. The appearance and the pattern of the houses integrated in a well structured street lighting system is an interesting view of the children. This motivates the children learn more about these features and consequently they get the educational motivation and personal satisfaction. Similarly, the String town estate creates a more welcoming feeling for the children who live in the urban suburbs. It offers a sense of better living standards (Black, 57). The children find this estate more friendly because of few people, few passenger buses and numerous bays and beaches. The numerous swimming pools across the estate adds comfort and a sense of belonging to the children. In the case of the Park estates, the children feel isolated and lonely due to the lifestyle of the locals and the sparsely located apartments. However, this estate offers a pleasant hunting and playing environment for the children. The green and safe forests offer the children a fascinating playing ground for games such as hide and seek. In essence, the three estates offer the children spectacular scenes and comfort irrespective of their background in terms of personal dynamics. 

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