Diversity Activity.

 Diversity Activity Rationale for Activity Middle school curriculum plays an exceptionally essential role in cognitive development of learners. Given its vitality, diversity promotion plays a core role in engaging students in activities that promote togetherness, group work and knowledge sharing (Casas, 2010). Chain of diversity activity is an effective way to ensures diversity in middle school education. Ensuring diversity in learning in middle school enhances the nurturing of tolerance among students, as well.

Description of Activity

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The chain of diversity activity is useful in ensuring middle school students appreciate the differences that they may have because of cultural differences and similarities. The activity initiates learning and appreciation of diversity differences and consequent effects as conflicting behaviors. Students can develop tolerance towards opposite gender since the activity promotes sharing of ideas on cultural diversity among students. The activity enhances the involvement of both able and challenged students, encourages, and promotes involving disabled students. The creation of an inclusive learning environment, through the activity, is of notable importance to middle school learners. The chain of diversity is one of the activities that instructors in middle school can use to create awareness on different cultures among students. The activity creates togetherness among students by informing them on their similarities.


Strips of construction papers (Eight strips per student)


Instructor’s guidance


Strips of construction papers (Eighty papers for every ten students) – 240 dollars

Pens (10 for every ten students)- 30 dollars

Total cost- 270 dollars for every ten students.


1. The class instructor distributes construction paper strips to students, one per student.

2. Each student receives eight paper strips and gets ready with a pen to write on the construction paper.

3. On the first four strips of paper, every student writes four various cultures that he or she considers of similarity among the class members.

4. After writing the similarities, every student writes down four various cultures they consider as sources of differences among the class members, on the remaining four paper strips.

5. Every student reads to the class what he or she considers as a similarity in cultures among the class members. After completing the second stage of the activity, students share their views with colleagues by reading out their points on the differences in cultures.

6. The instructors can elaborate various points to the students and relate their effects to the learning process.

7. To keep the students aware of the diverse similarities and differences in cultures highlighted, students pin the paper strips around their class walls. The paper strips are arranged as a link in a chain as a demonstration of cultural link.


In assessing the impact of the activity on students’ sensitivity to diversity, the instructor may ask related questions to different cultures highlighted by students during the activity. The level of participation of students during the activity acts as a credible scale of determining the students’ level of sensitivity towards diversity in culture. When students have high enthusiasm and willingness in highlighting the points, they have a high level of awareness on the topic. The extent to which students answer questions after the activity is credible means of determining their level of sensitivity towards the diversity issue.


Casas, M. (2010). Enhancing Student Learning in Middle School. New York, NY: Taylor & Francis.

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