Distributed Systems Programming.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Distributed Systems Programming. Distributed programming is the process of writing a computer program that runs in a distributed system. The means of passing information in a computer system has various alternatives such as RPC-like connectors, messages queues, and the JGRASP system. Distributed computing also refers to the use of distributed systems to solve computational problems. The distributed system has goals and challenges and the most important of these challenges and goal is the location transparency. Solving problems in a distributed computing system involves the division of the problem into different task, each of which is solved by one or more computers, which communicate to each other by message passing.

The most three significant characteristics of distributed systems are. concurrency of components, lack of a global clock, and independent failure of components. Distributed systems sometimes share a common goal, such as solving large computational problems, alternatively, with each computer having its own user with different individual needs, and the purpose of each distributed system is to coordinate the use of shared resources or providing communication services to the users.

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User datagram protocol (UDP) provides a minimal, unreliable, best-effort, message-passing transport to applications and upper-layer protocols. UDP and UDP-Lite variants are unique compared to other communication protocols, in that they do not establish end-to-end connections between communicating and systems. The system does not incur connection establishment and teardown overheads and there is minimal associated end system state, and due to these features, UDP can offer a very efficient communication transport to some application but has no inherent congestion control or reliability.

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