Distinction between Data, Information and Communication.

I will pay for the following article Distinction between Data, Information and Communication. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Both the concept could be explained with a simple example. The result of the questionnaire could be said as data which does not convey any meaning until it is analyzed. After analyzing the data, it would provide meaning and could be further used to complete the report or survey. This analyzing is called Information which converts raw facts and figures into something meaningful which could be used for many purposes. Communication, on the other hand, means to exchange information between individuals and groups to provide them with knowledge regarding the information collected and to help them in decision making based on their experience and judgment. The information could be communicated through presentation, reports, speeches etc (Grey, 2009). Using data, information, and communication to increase efficiency and effectiveness Data, information and communication play an essential role in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization. Data provides the organization with raw facts and figures which doesn’t have any meaning or sense until the raw material is converted into something useful. This conversion includes processing, analyzing and presenting the data into a meaningful form. Once the data is converted into something useful (information) it is then communicated to all the employees included in a top, middle and bottom management (Hunsaker, 2005). Data, information, and communication each have their own importance. If data is not collected accurately it might lead to ineffective decisions as all the other steps are based on data. If the information is not properly processed, organized and analyzed it might change the direction of the organization. If the information is not communicated accordingly, there is a high chance of conflicts between the management and employees (Rees and Porter, 2008). Thus it could be said that data, information, and communication have their own importance in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Taking an example of a questionnaire focused to gain insight from customers regarding the company’s product could explain the importance of data, information, and communication in an organization. If the company conducts research to gain insights into customers through the questionnaire, the facts and figures collected are called the data. If even a single factor figure is misjudged, the whole data collected would be useless. For a company, it is essential to collect the data according to the requirements. Gaining accurate facts and figures means that the process of analyzing and converting the facts and figures into meaningful information would be beneficial for the organization. It would provide the organization with information that it seeks. Communication plays an important role in the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization. Once information is gained it could be communicated with the management to make their judgment based on the information that is received through completed questionnaires. By this communication, the management is able to take effective and efficient decisions which enhance the chances of growth and success of an organization in the industry (Knights and Willmott, 2007).&nbsp.

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Distinction between Data, Information and Communication.
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