Ashford 601 MGT601: The Functions of Modern Management (MOB1711A)


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Bierman, L., Ferrell, O. C., & Ferrell, L. (2016). Management: Principles and applications, custom edition [Electronic version]. Solon, OH: Academic Media Solutions.

Week 5 Discussion 1

Based on the readings from the course text,

please identify the leadership traits, skills, and behaviors that you consider the most important in leading and motivating subordinates. 

Examine specifically why you selected the traits, skills and behaviors in relation to employee motivation. 

*I will put my thoughts in this, too-just need a little help getting it going!

Week 5 Discussion 2

Read the article, “A Theory of Human Motivation.”

Based on the information presented in the article,

discuss the elements of self-esteem, esteem needs, and belonging to a group.

What is the relationship between self-esteem, esteem needs, and belonging to a group?

Why is it important for a manager to understand and appreciate employees’ self-esteem, esteem needs, and belonging to a group?

*Both need at least two or more references besides the text and the article.

Thank you so much!


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