Discussion week3

This week’s topic is research methods in the social sciences.
For this discussion, you will demonstrate that you know how to analyze a social science research article.  This requires that you have a solid understanding of research methods. In BEHS300, you should have learned about the different research methodologies that can be found across the social sciences. For a quick refresher, visit the Social Science Toolkit under the Course Resources module and click on the Research Methods section. A comprehensive textbook on social science research methods is posted under the Learning Resources area for this week.
First, find a social science research article on the topic you have selected for your final project. The article must describe an actual study and it must have been written within the past 5 years. Do not select a review article or theoretical piece. You may use the same article that you are using for your AFP Part II that is due this week.
Next, answer the following questions. If you don’t know the answer, take your best guess. Since this is a discussion, you should review the answers of some of your classmates and help them out as needed.

What is the research problem being explored in this article?
Is the literature review current and relevant? How do you know?
Is the research grounded in theory? If so, what theory?
Does the article explain why this research is important? How?
Is the study qualitative or quantitative in nature? How do you know?
What sampling technique was used?
Who are the participants?
How did the researcher address the ethical treatment of human participants and their data?
What measures and methods were used? Are they appropriate for the research question being asked?
What were the procedures used to collect data?
How was data analysis addressed?
What were the primary findings (results)?
What were the major conclusions?
What were identified weaknesses or limitations of the research?

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Discussion week3
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Finally, post a .pdf or permalink (PURL) of your article so that others can view the actual source

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